Artificial Trees

Check out our huge range of Artificial Bamboo, Palms, Birch Trees, Olive Trees and Ficus Trees,check details for special sale for some bamboo trees, olive trees and raphis palm.

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Trees at good prices. Click on the tree you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
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Black Bamboo Long Leaf
180cm The Best From China
Product Code: BB105
Price $265.00 
High Palm
210cm Natural and High Quality
Product Code: HP102
Price $299.00 
Areca Palm code20
out of stock now
Price $59.95 
Raphis Palm 1m
Special sale now 165$
Product Code: RP100
Price $165.00 
Wistra Tree(White and Purple)
190CM looks so nature and beautiful Each Cost
Product Code: WT001
Price $495.00 
Split Philo Plant
110cm Beautiful And Good Quality
Product Code: SPP001
Price $185.00 
Green Kingdon Plant
91 cm natural good quality
Product Code: GKP003
Price $135.00 
Monsteria Plant(B)
122cm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: MP001
Price $175.00 
Green Kingdom Plant
120cm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: GKP002
Price $195.00 
Monsteria Plant
91cm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: MP002
Price $115.00 
Giant BOP Plant
183cm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: GBP001
Price $240.00 
Giant BOP Plant
240cm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: GBP002
Price $350.00 
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