Artificial Hedgeing

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Hedging at clearance prices. Click on the hedging you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
Boxwood Hedge
25cmx25cm with buds
Price $12.00 
Boxwood Mat 25
thicker about 8cm
Price $12.00 
Boxwood Mat 25cm
will not come back recently
Price $10.00 
Ivy Mat 3m x 1m
uv protected and double leaf
Price $120.00 
box leaf screen
100x35x75cm can be outdoor
Product Code: H001
Price $550.00 
fern mixed tile
50cmx50cm ,can join together according the size UV protected
Product Code: T001
Price $29.95 
1mx1m UV protected
Product Code: T002
Price $115.00 
fern mixed with glass
1mx1m UV protected
Product Code: T003
Price $150.00 
mixed fern soword
Product Code: T004
Price $150.00 
1x2m max
Product Code: T005
Price $120.00