Artificial Hanging Bushes

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Hanging Bushes at clearance prices. Click on the hanging bush you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
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English ivy hanging bush
102 cm long , green
Product Code: EIH015
Price $27.95 
buckler fern
25x75cm long
Product Code: BF001
Price $25.00 
Fittonia hanging bush
35x75 cm
Product Code: FH001
Price $29.95 
pothos hanging
Product Code: PH001
Price $22.00 
pothos hanging bush
Product Code: PH002
Price $35.00 
pothos hanging bush
Product Code: PH003
Price $49.95 
syngonium hanging bush
60x60x65cm long
Product Code: SH001
Price $35.00 
angel hanging bush
Product Code: h004
Price $39.95 
lemon beauty vine
22x22x86cm long finished in this moment
Product Code: LB001
Price $16.95 
hoya vine green
19x19x77cm long
Product Code: h003
Price $14.95 
coin leaf vine
Product Code: CL001
Price $11.95 
jasmine hanging bush
white 64cm long
Product Code: JH001
Price $35.00 
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