Artificial Hanging Bushes

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Hanging Bushes at clearance prices. Click on the hanging bush you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
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Baker Fern Hanging Bush
Product Code: BF001
Price $41.00 
Grape Vine Hanging Bush
Product Code: GV002
Price $40.00 
Ivy Hanging Bush
Product Code: IHB003
Price $45.00 
Morning Glory White
Product Code: MG004
Price $39.00 
Mulberry Hanging Bush
Price $35.00 
Babby Berry Hanging Bush
Product Code: BB007
Price $14.50 
Shell Leaves Hanging Bush
Product Code: SL008
Price $14.50 
Hoya bush
Product Code: HB009
Price $14.95 
Soft Touched Peperomia Vine Bush(F)
Product Code: ST010
Price $25.00 
Pothos Bush
Product Code: PB011
Price $25.00 
Peperomia Vine Bush (G/W)
Product Code: PV012
Price $25.00 
Peperomia Vine Bush(G/R)(Sold)
Product Code: PV013
Price $25.00 
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