Artificial Hanging Baskets

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Hanging Baskets at clearance prices. Click on the hanging basket you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
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Bosten Spider Basket(small)
Product Code: H0008
Price $75.00 
Pothos Basket
Product Code: PB023
Price $85.00 
Split Philo Basket
Product Code: SPB024
Price $135.00 
Fuchsia Basket(W)
Product Code: FB031
Price $135.00 
Fuchsia Basket (R)
Product Code: FB032
Price $135.00 
Gaint Pothos Bush Basket
Product Code: PBB033
Price $135.00 
camellia white flower
UV protected
Product Code: CHB038
Price $135.00 
Bosten With Green Spider Basket
Product Code: BSB036
Price $135.00 
Bosten With Purple Spider Basket
Product Code: BSB035
Price $135.00 
gaint geranium beauty
nature looking and beautify
Product Code: H0009
Price $135.00 
gaint geranium pink
beautiful and good price
Product Code: H0010
Price $135.00 
geranium vine peack
nature drooping and beautiful
Product Code: H0011
Price $130.00 
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