Artificial Garlands and Wreaths

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Garlands and Wreaths at good  prices. Click on the garland or wreath you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
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6' English Ivy Garland
Big ivy Leaf and long
Product Code: G001
Price $15.95 
English Ivy Garland
Small Leaf And 6 Feet
Product Code: G002
Price $12.95 
Grapevine Garland
Product Code: G004
Price $25.00 
Mini Ivy Garland
Product Code: G005
Price $9.95 
Rose Garland - White
out of stock
Product Code: G006
Price $15.00 
Grapevine Hanging Garland
Product Code: G007
Price $25.00 
Laurel Leaf Garland
Product Code: G008
Price $25.00 
Wild Rose Garland White
2 Metre Long
Product Code: G011
Price $25.00 
200 cm Rose Garland
Product Code: G012
Price $7.95 
150cm Colens Garland
Product Code: G013
Price $17.95 
150cm Geranium Garland
Product Code: G014
Price $17.95 
260cm Pothos Garland
Product Code: G015
Price $27.95 
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