Artificial Agave / Cyad

Below is a selection of our high quality Artificial Agave/Cyad at clearance prices. Click on the Agave/Cyad you like to see a larger version and purchase online.
Agave Plant 2 branches
Price $75.00 
Yucca Head in Pot
42cm High Quality and Burgundy
Product Code: Y0923
Price $19.95 
Yucca in Pot
55cm High Quality (Green)
Product Code: Y0924
Price $45.00 
Yucca Brazilian
137cm Yucca Brazilian Beautiful(Green)
Product Code: YB0928
Price $150.00 
Yucca Brazilian
86cm Yucca Brazilian Beautiful(Green)
Product Code: YB0929
Price $75.00 
D52mm X H69mm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: AP010
Price $99.00 
A50mm X H 55mm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: AP011
Price $95.00 
D47mm X H43 Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: AP012
Price $50.00 
D45mm X H38mm Beautiful And Good Price
Product Code: AP013
Price $45.00